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Artweeks @ Jam Factory…Daisy & Rie
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Inside the studio, painting finished. Title S I X T E E N
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S E V E N T E E N - A series of six girls

Invitations have arrived for S E V E N T E E N - Exhibition will be on from the 8th-20th June 2013 at the Jacqueline du Pre Music Building - St Hilda’s College, Cowley Place, oxford OX4 1DY

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// Snapshot of ‘UNLOVED’ at The Jam Factory, Oxford

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Mentioned in THE SPROUT Newsletter For North Hinksey and Botley


Artweeks comes to town – 11th to 19th May:

'The annual explosion of artistic creativity that is Oxfordshire Artweeks kicks off in Oxford City on 4th May and reaches our area a week later. This year there are a massive 459 venues featuring around 1,000 individual artists with everything from digital art to ceramics to stained glass on display! Full details can be found in the Artweeks brochure or on their website www.artweeks.org

Luckily you won’t have to travel far to see a wide range of artworks as we have several exhibitors right here on our doorstep. I met up with three of these talented artists to find out a bit more about their backgrounds and what they will be exhibiting this year.

Originally from Toronto, Rona has been living in the West Oxford area for the last seventeen years, but also previously spent four years living in Tokyo. Her portraits, mostly of women, capture the inner depths of these individuals and often reflect the differing roles of women in society in the various cities she has lived in. Examples of her paintings can be seen at www.ronapainting.com

Also on display in Rona’s studio at 26 Norreys Road will be a range of photographs by her daughter Rie, and in the garden a number of pieces by Christopher Townsend who works in wood, stone and metals to produce striking and often large scale sculptures (see his website www.christophertownsend.co.uk )

Meanwhile, down the hill at 66 Eynsham Road Harriet Rutter will be displaying a selection of her photographs including a number of photograms – images made by placing objects directly on photographic paper without using a camera. Harriet’s photographs are mainly semi-abstract and based on themes such as nature and social awareness, often aiming to achieve an ethereal and almost 3D quality with images full of light and space. Three of her past projects can be viewed at www.harrietrutter.com . She has also produced videos based on her photographic works in the past and hopes to expand her output in this area in the future.

Showing alongside Harriet will be Nicki Parsons, a resident of St Paul’s Crescent. Nicki has a background in the field of textiles, and is currently busy producing hand-made felt items. A large part of her time is also currently spent passing on her skills through involvement in projects with local schools, and running workshops and parties for both children and adults. Details of these activities can be found on her website www.nickiparsons.com

Other nearby exhibitors will include Charlotte Berry and Liz Fletcher showing jewellery, silver and leather works at Bradley Farm, Cumnor plus Sarah Bond and Sue Side at 1, Abingdon Road, Cumnor displaying drawings and paintings. From 4th May wocART will be exhibiting a wide range of artworks in the West Oxford Community Centre on Botley Road.

Whatever sort of art you like it will almost certainly be catered for somewhere during Artweeks so don’t miss this great opportunity!

An extended version of this article with additional photographs will appear on The Sprout Online page of the Community website at www.botleyhinksey.org.uk

David Kay.

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Edna Fraser (left) is the subject in painting ‘Pink Lady’ - Photographed with poster of PinkLady outside O3 Gallery (Oxford)

From the 1950’s series 'Recapturing a Certain Youth'

http://ronapainting.com/images/galleries/1950s.html for more information.image

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Open Studio Reception - Artweeks 2013

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// Share a drink and see taster pieces by Artweek artists

Tuesday 30th April 7-8.30pm

The Riverly Club

Bridge House

Thames View

Abingdon OX14 3UJ

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Work from The Unloved series featured at the Jam Factory - Artweeks Taster Exhibition 

'Inspired by a collection of old Victorian Photographs found in antique stores…they were discarded and it struck me as sad to think that no one wanted to keep them.'

'I felt compelled to gather them together and paint them as a unified group, somehow giving respect to their memory.' - RONA

Exhibition opens on the - 

Check out the Jam Factory Art’s Blog  for more information and updates on the show and other events!


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A collection of invitations from past exhibitions


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click here!

Cards made by RONA are now available to buy at the West Ox Arts Gallery in Bampton.

These can also be purchased through contacting the artist directly - contact details and more information can be found at RONA’s official website.